Hi! :wave: My name is Anders Konring. I’m a PhD student in the CISAT department at IT University Copenhagen. My advisor, Bernardo David, is leading our research group where we study:mag:, construct:construction_worker_woman: and analyse:bar_chart: cryptographic protocols - in particular:

  • Blockchain protocols:chains:
  • Consensus algorithms:handshake:
  • Secure multiparty computation:closed_lock_with_key: :dancers:
  • Zero knowledge protocols:man_shrugging: :white_check_mark:

I obtained my MS:man_student: in Computer Science at Aarhus University which included 6 months at ETH Zürich:switzerland: focusing on protocols, systems and network security. I wrote my thesis in collaboration with the company Chainalysis advised by former CTO Jan Møller and Professor Claudio Orlandi from Aarhus University.

Visit my blog :memo: to find out what I’ve been working on recently as well as other updates.


25/11/2023: PhD Thesis Defense (thesis/presentation)
06/01/2023: Accepted paper at CRYPTO’23: Perfect MPC over Layered Graphs.
12/05/2022: Presentation at ASIACRYPT’22: Encryption to the Future.
02/04/2022: Research scholarship at Technion:israel: by Otto Mønsted Foundation.
09/01/2020: PhD at IT University Copenhagen.
05/05/2018: Senior Software Engineer at Chainalysis.

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I love spending time in nature:herb: - preferably on foot, skis or on a bike climbing mountains🧗. During my competitive years I participated in orienteering🧭, cross country and track running:stopwatch: events around the world. The last couple of years I have participated in several longer skyrunning and trail events.
Recently, I revived my hobby of playing acoustic guitar:guitar:.